Hi, I'm Morgan,

Doctor of Osteopathy and Women’s Health & Fitness Coach. 

Welcome to my clinic website.

It is my passion and purpose to help women and their families find optimal wellness and vitality through collaborative and holistic manual therapy, kinesiology, and rehabilitative exercise. 

If you are in pain, or need support during or post pregnancy, post-injury, or need help with stress or weight loss management I am here to assist…


Dr. Morgan Langford-Salisbury qualified in Sydney in 2008 and holds a master’s degree in osteopathic medicine. Using a holistic approach and wide range of evidence-based manual techniques, Morgan develops a treatment plan to suit each individual.


Hand made in Australia with love from the purest, natural ingredients. Morgan has created these therapeutic essential oil blends herself to work with your body to promote optimal skin and whole health.

No synthetic chemicals, only organic, plant-based ingredients for natural-living women


An anti-inflammatory blend of organic essential oils in a Camellia oil base that helps to reduce digestive upset and soothe tired and achy muscles and joints.


A beautifying blend of adaptogenic organic essential oils in a Camellia oil base to help support the female reproductive system.


An invigorating blend of organic essential oils in a Camellia oil base that help to reduce fluid retention, the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.