Dr Morgan qualified in Sydney in 2008 and holds a master’s degree in osteopathic medicine.

Using a holistic approach and wide range of evidence-based manual techniques, Morgan develops a treatment plan to suit each individual.

She treats all presentations related to the muscular and skeletal systems including headaches and migraines, sporting injuries, postural pain, and has a keen interest in women’s health, pregnancy and paediatrics, having completed a graduate certificate in neonatal and paediatric manual therapy.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy)

  • Master of Osteopathy (UWS)

  • Graduate Certificate Neonatal and Infant Paediatric Manual Therapy (VU)

  • Registered Australian Osteopath

  • Member of the Australian Osteopathic Association

  • Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation
    Certificate III and IV

  • 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training (Power Living, Agama Yoga)

  • Perinatal Yoga Diploma (Birthlight)

  • Myofascial Needling Certified

  • N.E.T Practitioner


A note from Dr. Morgan

Hi I’m Morgan Langford-Salisbury, A little bit about what I do:

Osteopathy – It’s a manual therapy which works to restore optimal structure and function in the body leading to homeostasis and balance (in other words it can alleviate any painful areas in your body to allow your body a larger adaptive range so your body has the ability to heal itself and you are less likely to experience aches and pains!). It can be used to treat anyone; babies through to the elderly. It is a safe and effective therapy in treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions as well as aiding in reducing symptoms of some chronic systemic conditions like IBS and chronic fatigue.

I became passionate about osteopathy after having a lower back injury in my teens. I received osteopathic treatment and found it to be so effective that it inspired me to become an osteopath myself. I have also seen the relief it can bring to a whole family. I used to work as a nanny and I observed and can appreciate how distressing it is for parents to see that their child is not developing at the same rate as their siblings or play mates, or knowing their child is in pain. Through treating kids with osteopathy I’ve seen the change it’s made to a child’s demeanor, whether it’s by helping to alleviate a digestive problem, or releasing strains in the body and working on the nervous system to aid their motor skill development and co-ordination. The child is happy and the parents are relieved – it’s very rewarding!

What is my approach? I have experience in all areas of general musculoskeletal conditions although I have a keen interest in women’s and children’s health. I combine evidence-based methods including soft tissue techniques, joint mobilisation, muscle energy technique, manipulation, musculoskeletal acupuncture, and exercise prescription, and I’ve found craniosacral therapy to be a beneficial and gentle alternative in treating pregnant women, children, infants and people who don’t respond well to spinal manipulation. It involves using gentle alternating pressure at the cranium and pelvis to alleviate strain in the body. So depending on the patient, I will develop a treatment plan that suits each individual’s needs.

I incorporate my knowledge of rehabilitative exercise and yoga techniques into my management plans for my patients, especially for new mums to get their bodies back in shape post-pregnancy, or anyone who needs rehabilitation after an injury.

I take a holistic approach to your health concerns, facilitating your body’s own self-healing mechanism.”

(Morgan is registered with all private health funds and medicare so if you are a member/claimant you will receive instant rebates on consultation fees.)