Photoshoot Prep Package + 1.5 Hour Photoshoot – Weekly Payments


To get you in the best shape for shoot-day or the stage
Please note: You must apply to this coaching program here first.
Click here to pay $2397 for the Photoshoot Prep Package ONLY in-full or $2844 for the Photoshoot Prep Package + 1.5 Hour Photoshoot in-full instead.


Program Sumary:

  • Customised and periodised weight training programming
  • 4 x 4 week training and mindset blocks within the package
  • Customised macronutrient nutrition targets which are assessed weekly and adjusted according to results
  • Posing guidance and feedback to help you prepare for stage/shoot day
  • access to app with all training programs, exercise library, macros and links to apple watch, fitbit and My fitness Pal to sync all your data
  • Weekly online check ins via app and excel spreadsheet to assess progress and make adjustments according to results
  • Choice of 1 x weekly face to face 30 min skin folds and catch up session OR 1 x fortnightly zoom call (remote clients) to discuss any training, nutrition, photoshoot posing, or mindset blocks or questions to help you achieve the best possible result
  • macro break down guide, macro based recipes, and training guide


Who it’s for:

  • Women wanting to build the confidence and let go of past traumas or beliefs that are holding you back from achieving what you desire
  • You are ready to commit to yourself and achieve not only short term goals, but build life-long skills to get you from ‘point pain’ to ‘point success’
  • You are open to exploring and understanding your ineffective patterns and habits which are holding you back from being where you want to be
  • You have a history of ‘yoyo dieting’ and haven’t got the result you desire, and you’re feeling deflated and stuck where you are
  • You have a history of competing and need guidance on how to rebuild and love your body at all stages, even when you aren’t stage lean
  • You are ready to make changes to your habits and routine so you can sustain the results beyond the initial 16 week program
  • You are tired of comparing yourself to others and want to feel confident in what you bring to table
  • You want to improve your lifting skills and get stronger
  • You want to build/improve lean muscle mass, shape, and tone your body
  • You want to lose body fa
  • You have some experience with weight lifting in a gym setting OR have access to some home gym equipment including weights, a bench, and bands
  • You are open to constructive feedback and you are coachable


Who is it not for:

  • You aren’t ready or committed to making changes to your daily habits in order to get the results you desire
  • You are looking for a quick-fix, “means to an end” approach to your fat loss goals
  • You aren’t ready to give up the ‘yoyo dieting’ approach
  • You aren’t ready to challenge your beliefs of who you are
  • You aren’t interested in learning about yourself on a deeper level; mentally, emotionally, or spiritually
  • You aren’t ready to get uncomfortable and face your fears in order to grow
  • You are looking for a cheap, cookie-cutter program or coach
  • You aren’t willing to show up for yourself when you meet a road block or challenge
  • You aren’t self-accountable and see yourself as a victim
  • You are full of excuses as to why you ‘can’t do the work’
  • You are a complete beginner to weight lifting or training in a gym setting OR have never trained in a home setting by yourself OR you only open to doing group fitness classes
  • You can’t take onboard constructive feedback and you are not coachable



  • You can expect to feel more accepting of your body, and build more confidence in your sense of self
  • You can expect to like or maybe even love who you see in the mirror
  • You can expect to gain more insight into who you are as a person, what makes you tick, what makes you run or avoid, and build a framework of tools/resources to help you navigate life in a more objective and compassionate way
  • You can expect to feel confident in your skin
  • You can expect to gain knowledge and insight into how your body responds in accordance to your menstrual cycle and using that knowledge to not only respect it but use it in an advantageous way to losing body fat
  • You can expect to lose 0.5g body fat per week
  • You can expect to build lean muscle mass which will not only help improve your strength but will also help you build shape and tone your body
  • You can expect to gain a better understanding of the nutritional value of food through macronutrient tracking and use this tool throughout the rest of your life to sustain optimal fat loss results


NOTE: your results will be a direct reflection of YOUR COMMITMENT, CONSISTENCY and COMPLIANCE to your program.


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